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Best font and size for outlook emails

Some people use different size fonts and multiple colors to make emails more important to the recipients. What do you think? Does it make any sense or give extra importance to the recipients? Not really. To make your email more important to your recipients, you have options in Outlook. You can select High or Low importance to make your email more important to the receivers. You do not need to use different sizes and color fonts in your emails, whether official or personal emails. to choose the best font and size for outlook emails is very important

You will be surprised to know the impact of font sizes and color on official or personal email messages. Maybe you do not know everybody like a neat and clean font that is easy to read. Nobody wants to read an email message that is not clear and very difficult to understand. Maybe your writing is a very good one, and your message is also very clear, but only choosing the wrong font and size, gives the reader a bad impression about you.

What are the best fonts for an email message?

Whatever email client you are using is not important. Maybe you are using Outlook or Opera, or Thunderbird. That does not matter. The fact is that you are writing an email message to someone to seek attention. You should not do anything for which your impression becomes less to him. To choose the best font for your email message, please consider the following two criteria:

  • The font should be neat and clean.
  • The font should be commonly available by default on everyone’s computer.

Both sentences are self-explanatory. The first sentence means that your font should be clear and easy to read. Some special fonts are bold you can not make it normal. It is best for banners or festoons but unsuitable for a professional email message.

Next is how a device recognizes the font and displays the characters to the recipients. Nowadays, maximum emails are read on mobile devices. The rest are from computers. You have to know that on a device, some default fonts are installed with the operating system; If you are using other than that font, there may be a good chance that recipients will not be able to understand your messages.

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Another way, some fonts are embedded with the web browsers; those who will read your email message in a browser if your font is not in the list may not be displayed. That might sound dramatic, but it’s true. Unsupported fonts can cause more than this. You do not know your email recipient’s email reading system. It can be Outlook or can be web. Maybe he will read on android or iPhone. Who knows?

Considering the above two factors, it is clear that the best font should be very much common that all email clients and web browsers should be able to display.

Some people use multiple fonts in a single email message, which is unacceptable. Please do not use more than two font style in a single email message. It makes your email less important to the recipient.

Best font selection in Outlook

We have studied and done a small survey regarding this. Which one is the best font selection for Microsoft Outlook? The answer was different, and a lot of variations. Still, we have found the five best fonts for outlook email messages.

  1. Arial
  2. Calibri
  3. Cambria
  4. Courier New
  5. Times New Roman

best font

You can also choose your outlook font from above.

Best Font size for outlook email

You must be careful to select a font size for your email message. Your font size should not be too small to read. On the other hand, font size should not be bigger than normal size. Then what is the normal size of the font for an email message?

Font size should be between 10-12 points. This size is smart enough to display on any device.

Some people use multiple font sizes in a single email; that is ridiculous. Do not use more than two fonts in a single email. Multiple fonts in a single email make your email funny to the viewer.

The font style for email

It is also important to choose a font style for an email message. We have the normal, bold, Italic, bold, underline, etc. options. Which style should we use? Some people unnecessarily make his text bold and underlined to make the word important. Does it relay make any sense? What are the rules? Do you know?

If you want to make your reader pay attention to that specific word, just take one action. Either make it bold or underline it or take a simple color. Dont do it all together.

Why does font matter?

When you send an email message to someone, it is your target to seek the recipient’s attention. You want the recipient to take time to read your email message. If your email message looks ugly and not graceful to him, he will reject that email at first sight. Maybe he will not read your email.

But if his eyes pass information to his brain that it looks beautiful, he may decide to give some extra time to your email message. That is the real fact when you are an email marketer.

On the other hand, when you are a professional or a corporate employee, your email message is also very important. Your email reflects you. It represents yourself. When you use multiple fonts, colors, and sizes, it gives your recipients the wrong message. Your recipient misunderstood you.

How to select a font in Outlook

First, complete your write-up, select it with your mouse, or press Ctrl+A; for reference, check the below image.

select a font in Outlook

You can choose your font size and font from here. But if you want to change your default font, what is the process? Do you know?

How to Change default font in Outlook

  • Go to File Menu> Options a new window will open in front of you.


  • Go to Mail> Stationery and Fonts  New dialog box will open as below:

Stationery and Fonts

  • Go to the Personal Stationery tab; here will be able to change your default font. Look at the red marked button of the above image. There are three options for you.

New mail message: For new mail messages, you have to change from here.

Replying or forwarding messages: The message you are replying to can change from here.

Composing and reading plain text messages: Composing and reading plain text messages from here.

You can choose the text color, font, size, etc., from here.

I hope you have read my content, and it will help you to choose the Best font and size for outlook emails; please keep an eye on our website for future content. Thank You.


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