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How to change Outlook display name

How to change Outlook display name

When you send any email from Outlook, the recipient can see the display name in the From field. If you do not set your display name properly people who will receive your email can see your email address instead of your name. In this article, I guide you on how to change Outlook display name if your IT department did not type properly or you forget to set your display name while set up Outlook.

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How to change Outlook display name

It is very easy to change your display name in Outlook. Just follow the steps below

What is the Display name in Outlook?

A display name is a name that is shown in the From field in the recipient’s inbox. The display name can be your name or your company name. It reflects the identity of the sender to the recipient. See, how it looks with and without a display name.

Why do you need to change the Display name?

It is important to have a display name as your recipient can understand from whom he received the email. Though your email address contains part of your name it does not clarify what is your full name.

Sometimes, in the case of a company, a common email address is used by different people on their computers. All of them are sharing the same email address Their device is configured with the same email address. In this case, Changing the display name can give you an identity.

On the other hand,  Changing the display name of a company email (like to the company name will reflect the recipients. This increase the brand image of a company.

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When you cannot change the display name?

Many companies are hosted via Microsoft Exchange, in that case, you are unable to change the display name. Only your network administrator can change the display name. If you need to change your display name, ask your network administrator to do so.

But if your email is hosted by any other hosting company you will be able to change your display name by yourself as I have instructed above.

Bonus Tips

These two items are a bonus for you. It will be also helpful for you. Let’s get started with the bonus tutorial.

Change the sender’s email address

If you have configured multiple email addresses on your Outlook, this tip is for you. Before sending the email click on the To field, you can select sender’s email address from there. Please see the screenshot below for your better understanding.

Change the reply-to email address

This is also a great tip when you are sending emails from a common email address. Please follow the instruction below to change the reply-to email address.

Dear learner, I hope this content on how to change outlook display name is really helpful to you. If you have any questions please post a comment below. I will reply to your comment as soon as possible.

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