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How to create backup of outlook emails?

create backup of outlook emails

Nowadays, maximum business running in this world upon communication. Who does not know that email is the best method of communication ever invented? If your computer crashes or your email is deleted, it will be a massive loss for you. What is the precaution or safety measure you can take against this? Did you think this before?

Of course, you thought about it, and definitely, you have taken safety measures; this content will show you how to create a backup of outlook emails.

What do you mean by backup?

Before diving into the main topic, let me explain what backup is. What is the definition and purposes of backup?

A backup is a copy of a file or other data item made in case the original is lost or damaged.Oxford Languages

From the above Oxford Language dictionary, you easily understand what backup means. More clearly, it is the copy of the original one which can be restored in case the original one is damaged or lost.

So, backup is not only a necessity. It is a must-do fact.

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Why is backup Important?

Keeping a backup of your Outlook data is very important as your emails can be deleted, your computer can be lost, your computer memory can e damaged and so on. Backup protects you from the followings:

  • Protect you against human errors.
  • Protect you from hardware failures.
  • Protect you from power failures.
  • Protect you from virus attacks.
  • Protect you from hardware losses.
  • Protect you against natural disasters.
  • Protect you from hackers as well.

How to create backup of outlook emails?

You can create a backup of your Outlook emails in many ways. This content will show you at least two ways of backing up your Outlook data file.

Import/Export method

  • Go to File menu> Open & Export and select Import/Export. See the image below.

import backup

  • Select Export a file and click Next.

Export a file

  • Select Outlook Data File(.pst) and click Next.

Outlook Data File(.pst)

  • Select the mail folder you want to backup and click Next.

mail folder

  • Choose the location, give your backup file name.

backup location choose

  • Give a temporary password for your backup file, and click OK.

password your backup

Copy-Paste method

It is the easiest method, but you cannot select any specific folder, remember you can not select any specific folder. You have to backup for the whole Outlook. But it is a straightforward way to keep your email backup. You need to find out where (the location) outlook keeps the data files, Then, copy it and store it in a safe place to backup.  Follow the instruction below:

  • To find the outlook data file location, File menu> Account settings.

Account settings

  • Go to the Data tab, check your outlook data file location and go to that location. You can click Open File location.

Open File location

  • Now close Microsoft Outlook, copy your data file and paste it wherever you want as a backup.

Remember to close your outlook aplication, otherwise you can not copy data file.

Email Backup Add-In

Some software tools can help you back up Outlook emails. Some are Dropbox Add-In, Evernote Add-In, Microsoft One Note, TechHit MeessaseSave, etc. You can try any of these.

Email Forwarding Method

Some people just forward important emails to a specific email address for safety. if computer crushes or is lost, he can retrieve that email message by accessing that email address. It is not an established method of backing up Outlook email.

Screenshot Method

It is a poor method of backup. Some people just take a screenshot and save it as an image. It can be used as evidence, nothing else. But it is also a backing-up process, not an established method of backing up Outlook emails.

How to access Exported Outlook emails?

You already know how to back up your outlook email. Maybe you noticed that the backup data file is a .pst extension file. PST stands for personal storage table. It is a file format Microsoft program stores items like calendars, contact and email message.

To read this type of PST file, you need the outlook application.

  • Go to File menu> Open & Export and select Open Outlook Data File. See the image below.

Open Outlook Data File

  • Go to the location of your backup file, Select the data file and click OK.

backup file, Select and click

This is how you access your data file.

A backup interval of Outlook emails

Every day new emails are coming, and many emails you send to different people. Your email data file size is increasing day by day. So how often should you backup your emails? Very tough question, right?

The expert says Monthly one-time backup is okay. Some people weekly, and some take bi-weekly backup.

Where should you keep your backup file?

You can use your computer hard drive for backup, but it is not safe; better to store it in an Office server computer. Still, it is risky. That is why I choose cloud backup. There is no risk if you use cloud backup.

You can use google drive, dropbox, or Microsoft One Drive for cloud storage.



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