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How to embed Excel in Outlook email body.

How to embed Excel in Outlook email body.

Those working with Microsoft Outlook and Excel often need to embed Excel in the Outlook email body. Are you surprised to know this? How is an excel worksheet embedded in an Outlook email? I am sure you are pretty surprised. Today, in this article, I will let you know how to embed Excel in Outlook email body. Let’s start.

What do you mean by the word “embed”?

The first thing you need to know is the meaning of embed. Otherwise, it will be a little bit difficult to understand how to embed Excel in Outlook email. Embed means to fix something in a firm way into another thing. As an example, we can say, “The bullet itself is embedded in the wooden wall”.

Now, come to the point. What we want to do is embed an Excel worksheet in an Outlook email body. I hope, you can understand now what does it mean? It means we want to fix an excel worksheet in an email body.

Maybe you will be wondering to know that not only Excel worksheets we can embed other objects also in an outlook email body. Keep going with this content, you have many more to know.

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How to embed Excel in Outlook email body

To embed an excel worksheet in the Outlook email body please follow the below steps.

How to embed an existing Excel worksheet into Outlook email body

We have discussed above that how we can embed a new Excel sheet in an email body. Can we embed an existing excel sheet into an email body? Is it possible? Yes, t is very much possible and easy to do. Follow the steps below to learn how to embed an existing Excel worksheet into an email body.

If the workbook has more than one worksheet which worksheet will be embedded? Nice question. It will embed the worksheet that was open and saved for the last time. Okay?

Excel Features available embedded  worksheet in Outlook

Outlook offers fantastic features to work with embedded Excel worksheets. You can use the embedded worksheet as a table, and edit whatever you like. You can use all the Excel functions that are workable here. When you double-click the embedded worksheet your Outlook ribbon will be changed to a Microsoft Excel ribbon. So, you will feel like working in Excel sheets with all facilities.

When you need to Embed a worksheet in Outlook

Sometimes, while writing emails you may need a table with excel features available, you should embed a Microsoft Excel worksheet without any doubt. Besides this, maybe you already have an Excel worksheet that contains your desired data but needs a little modification.

After completing your editing and modification you can send it to your recipient. It will be received as an image embedded in the email body.

Alternatively, you can attach the Excel worksheet with the email you are sending to your recipient.

Dear Learner, I hope, this content is really helpful to you. If you have any confusion or if you think you need more help on how to embed excel in Outlook email from me, please feel free to post a comment below. I will check comments in the comment box on regular basis and definitely I will come back to you with a result. You can search on our site if you have any queries. Top of the page there is a search button for your help.

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