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How to export contact from outlook to gmail

How to export contact from outlook to gmail

Microsoft Outlook is an email client, it is a desktop application that allows users to send-receive emails and other facilities. On the other hand, Gmail is a web-based email service that is also used for email communication. Both are offering email facilities but there is a basic difference between them. In a short sentence, you can use Gmail in the Outlook application but you cannot use Outlook in Gmail. Still, you can export contacts from Outlook to Gmail. If you are wondering about knowing this, please go through the content below to learn.

In the meanwhile, if you are interested to know how to add Gmail to outlook you can read this content. Some of you may use yahoo mail. Dont worry, you can add yahoo mail also to Gmail.

What do you mean by export/import contacts?

If you are a newbie, you need to learn something but those who are familiar with export/import contacts can skip this part.

Exporting contacts is the process of extracting all email addresses from the address book of the email client/webmail service provider as a list that can be stored in your local drive as a backup.

Importing contacts is the process of uploading your existing contact list to the address book of the email client/webmail service provider.

If you want to shift contacts from Outlook to Gmail, that means you are asking to export contacts from Outlook and import them to the Gmail contacts.

How to export contacts from outlook to Gmail

Now you already know that this process contains two basic parts.

  1. Export contacts from Outlook
  2. Import contacts to Gmail

Export contact from Outlook

Follow the instruction below to export contacts from Outlook.

Your exported CSV file is saved on your computer where you have shown it. Now you need to import this CSV file to Gmail contacts.

Import contact to Gmail

Follow the instructions below to import contacts to Gmail.

All your contacts in the Microsoft Outlook email client are now imported to your Gmail account.

Why export/import contact is so important?

Think about you are copying each and every contact one by one and saving them to the Gmail account- you will easily understand the importance of exporting and importing contacts from Outlook to Gmail or vice-versa.

You can easily take a backup also by exporting contacts from Outlook and storing them on the cloud. It will be used as a safeguard of your contacts. If your device/computer is damaged further you can import all your contacts again.

You can also share your contacts with your colleague after exporting the list. If your colleague is newly joined your company he will be grateful to you for this.

Different types of file formats

When you export contacts from Outlook you can save your file in three different file formats named CSV, VCF, and PST.

CSV file

A CSV file is a text file where all data are separated with commas. You can open CSV files with various programs, including any program that works with plain text, like the Notepad app. CSV stands for comma-separated values.

VCF file

VCF stands for virtual contact file. It is a standard file format to store contact information. A VCF file includes information like name, email address, phone number,  physical address, images, and other media types.

PST file

PST stands for personal storage table. Microsoft programs like Outlook store emails, contacts, calendars, etc., in this format. PST files are stored within popular Microsoft software like Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook.

Which is my preferred format?

I will suggest you export your Outlook contact in CSV format because CSV format is acceptable everywhere. CSV files are most commonly encountered in spreadsheets and databases. All email clients and webmail services can recognize CSV format.

That is why my preferred file format is CSV file.

Dear reader, if this content is helpful to you please write down a comment below whether you are able to export contact from outlook to gmail or not. Thank you very much.

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