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How to add picture to Outlook email

how to add picture to outlook email

When we are writing an email message it may be required to insert an image or picture in the email body. Many people do not know how to add picture to Outlook email. Fortunately, Microsoft Outlook has an exciting feature to add photos or other media files to an email message. Today in this content I will guide you on how to insert an image into an Outlook email message.

How to add picture to Outlook email

You can add pictures or images to your Outlook email in different ways. I will share with you the three easiest ways to add pictures to Outlook email.

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From Insert Pictures Option

  • Go to the Home tab, and click New Email to open a new email message. A new window will open.

New email menu

  • Where you need to insert an image keep your mouse cursor over there, Go to the Insert tab. You will find the Illustrations group there.

Illustrations group

  • Click on the Pictures button, You will find two options, if your picture is on your computer select the This Device option.

add image

  • Go to the location of your picture and select it then click Insert.

Insert photos from this computer

  • Your picture has been added to your Outlook email.

Using Windows Snip & Sketch Tool

We can add a photo to Outlook email with the help of the Windows default program Snip & Sketch tool. Are you surprised? Yes, you can do it. Let’s do it now.

  • Double-click to open the picture.
  • Launch the app Snip & Sketch tool.
  • Click New of Snip & Sketch tool, and select which part of the picture you need. The selected part of the picture is copied to the clipboard.

Snip & Sketch tool

  • Now go to Outlook New Email message where you want to add the picture. Paste there.
  • You have done your job.

Using Microsoft Word

I know you are surprised again but it is true that you can add photos to Outlook email with the help of Microsoft Word. Let’s do that.

  • Open the app Microsoft Word.
  • Go to Insert> Picture> From This Device to add a photo to Microsoft Word.
  • Now right-click on the image you have just inserted and copy it to the clipboard.

add photo using MS word

  • Go to your email message and paste it there.
  • You have added the photo to the Outlook email message.

How to edit pictures in Outlook email

Sometimes, you may need to edit photos after adding them to the Outlook email messages. You may think that how to do that. The photo is already inserted, right? But Outlook has this feature also. You can do some basic editing options are available in Microsoft Outlook.

  • Double-click the photo that you added to the email or Go to the Picture Format tab. The picture editing ribbon will open.

picture tools

You will find all the editing tools that you need here to edit your photos as required.

Why do you need to add a picture to your Outlook email?

This question may be arises in your mind. Why should you add a picture to Outlook email instead of attaching it to the email? If you attach a few photos in an email the recipient may not understand which photos you have sent for which purposes. But if you insert it as an inline photo the recipient could easily understand the importance and the purposes of the photo.

Dear visitor, I tried my best to give a description of how to add picture to outlook email, I have shared 3 possible ways to do the job and let you know the importance of this task as well. I hope, you could understand and this content is helpful to you. If you have any more queries please comment here, I will reply to your comment as soon as possible.


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