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How to do a poll in Outlook 2019

The poll is a great way to know other people’s opinions. If you are working in a corporate office, sometimes it might be fun as well. Do you know that Microsoft Outlook has an exciting feature that allows you to perform a poll in your office? Do you know how to do a poll in Outlook? To learn to do a poll in Microsoft Outlook please go through the instructions below.

You can send an email message to the people in Outlook. People reading your message can vote for any of the options you specify. The votes get back to you as special email messages.

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How to create a poll in Outlook?

  • Go to the Home tab, and click New Email to open a new email message.

How to do a Poll in Outlook_0.1

  • Go to the Options tab, you will see the Use Voting Buttons in the Tracking group of the ribbon.

How to do a Poll in Outlook_02

  • Go to the Use Voting Button> Custom.

How to do a Poll in Outlook_03

  • The properties window of custom voting will open in front of you. Follow the steps below shown in the screenshot.

How to do a Poll in Outlook_04.1

  1. Select the priority and sensitivity of the email message.
  2. Type the voting buttons separated by a semi-colon.
  3. Type the reply email address where the reply will be delivered.
  4. Click the Close button to complete the action.
  • Now complete your message and click Send button to send the email message. See the screenshot below.

How to do a Poll in Outlook_05.1

  • When the recipient receives your email message with a poll, they will see the information “This message includes voting buttons. Click Here to vote.” Receipient can click and vote as the screenshot shown below

How to do a Poll in Outlook_06

What happens if anyone votes twice or more

If anyone casts his/her vote twice what will happen? No worries he can cast vote many times but Outlook will count his vote for a single time. So, you do not need to be worried about this, leave it for Microsoft Outlook.

Usage of Poll in Outlook

You can use Outlook poll for any reason in an office. It saves time for you to take an opinion from your colleagues. Sometimes, if you want to order lunch for 20 people it is time-consuming to take the choice from all of them but with the help of the Outlook poll, you can save much time.

If you want to make a t-shirt for all employees you need to take t-shirt sizes from all of them, Using the poll feature makes it easy for you.

How Outlook poll boosts your productivity

  • You can understand public opinion.
  • Employees under you feel the importance of his opinion.
  • A good leader always gives importance to team mate’s opinion.
  • It can be fun of polling in a funny matter. it gives relaxation to the employees.

I hope, you already understand how to do a poll in Outlook. If you have any questions please let me know by using the comment box below. I will try my best to answer your questions. Thank You.


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