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How to open outlook in safe mode?

How to open outlook in safe mode

When you face issues with any Microsoft office product you can run the product in safe mode. While running in safe mode you will not be able to run the product with full features but you will have a chance to repair the product and restart with full features. Like other Microsoft products, you can also open Outlook in safe mode if you are having trouble with it. There are many ways to open Outlook in safe mode, here in this article I will try my best to guide you on how to open Outlook in safe mode.

What is safe mode?

Let me clear it first. Safe mode is not a different application. It is the same application but loaded with only limited features, without any customizations. When you are facing trouble opening any application due to some start-up problem or any other issues, you can open it in safe mode and try to resolve the start-up issues. After diagnosis and resolving the issues, you can start the application in normal mode.

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Open Outlook in safe mode

There are many ways to open Microsoft Outlook in safe mode. I am describing here the easiest and most common methods.

Using the Run program

  • Press Windows+R on your keyboard.
  • Type outlook.exe /safe and press Enter.

open outlook in safemode

  • Select your profile, Outlook will open in safe mode.

Using keyboard shortcut

Press and hold Ctrl key on your keyboard.

Click the Outlook icon from the start menu or desktop shortcut or on the taskbar.

open outlook in safemode_02

  • A message box will appear to confirm the opening of safe mode.

open outlook in safemode_03

  • Select Yes to open Microsoft Outlook in safe mode.

Using the Command prompt

  • Open the command prompt from the start menu.

open outlook in safemode_04

  • Write the full path of Microsoft Outlook. Give a space and type “/safe” and press Enter. Or if you install Outlook in a different location this can be different.
  • Type “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\Outlook.exe /safe” and press Enter

open outlook in safemode_05

  • Select the profile name and click OK to start Outlook in safe mode.

open outlook in safemode_06

These are the top most popular methods to open outlook in safe mode, if you are facing a problem with Microsoft Outlook, you can open outlook in safe mode and fix the problems. If you still have any questions regarding the safe mode in Outlook can post comments in the comment box. I will try my best to reply to your question soon. Thank You very much.


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