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How to print a blank calendar from Outlook

How to print a blank calendar from Outlook

The calendar is an important part of our daily professional life. A corporate person who is leading a busy professional life use Microsoft Outlook Calendar to plan his daily activities. Sometimes, he does not have enough time to open his computer to organize his appointments, events,  and meetings. If he has a blank calendar can easily track his daily routine further he can update on Outlook. That is why he needs to print a blank calendar from Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook has a fantastic feature to print a blank calendar from Outlook and the best way to print it is by creating a blank calendar.

To know more abut Microsoft Calendar you can go through the content below:

Printing a blank calendar from Outlook

To print a blank calendar in Outlook follow the below instructions.

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook.
  • Go to the Navigation Pane and select Calendar.

Navigation bar

  • From the ribbon, Go to the Home tab.
  • Under the Manage Calendar group click on the Open Calendar button.

Open calendar

Select Create New Blank Calendar from the menu.

Create New Blank Calendar

  • Give the name of the new blank calendar, and click OK.

Create Blank Calendar

A new blank calendar is created already. Go to My calendars and select the recently created calendar from there. You can see the newly created calendar preview on the right side of the reading pane.

  • Go to the File tab, and select Print.
  • Select your printer from the Printer option.
  • From Settings, select your print style. You can choose a different style like daily, weekly, monthly, or calendar details style.

print a blank calendar

  • Click Print to print a blank calendar from Outlook.
  • From the Print option, you can select the date ranges.

change the range of calendar

  • From the preview button, you can see the preview before printing.

Print blank Calendar_05

Importance of printing a blank calendar

Why do you need to print a blank calendar? It is already on your computer. Still, you need a hard copy. You can update and follow on the go. I found the following reason behind printing it.

  • You are not always in a position to open your computer. Hard copies help you to remind you of any important event.
  • You can prepare a draft copy with your printing copy.
  • You can fold it and keep it with you in your wallet.
  • You can print copies and make a notebook calendar for reference.
  • If you remind anything can keep a note in a printed copy.

I hope, this article on how to print a blank calendar from outlook is helpful to you. If you have any confusion you can ask me any question in the comment box. I will reply to your question as soon as possible. Thank You.


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