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How to schedule a meeting in Outlook?

schedule a meeting in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook offers a feature named meeting to perform meeting with your colleagues or clients. It makes your professional life easier and more productive. You can schedule a meeting in Outlook by using an email message. This feature works the same in all versions of Outlook.

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How to schedule a meeting in Outlook?

Follow the instructions below to learn how to schedule a meeting in Microsoft Outlook.

To schedule a meeting, this is the primary window for you. There are five essential tasks you need to complete.

To Field:

Subject line:

You have to type a subject line for your meeting schedule. This subject line will be shown to your recipients. Say, the Subject can be “SA issue resolution meeting.”


You have to type your meeting location. It can be your office address or any other place. Say, the location can be like “DK Tower, Level 09, Meeting room No. 04”.

Start time:

Select the date from the calendar available and the time from the drop-down menu. If the meeting is for a day long, click the check box “All day event.”

End time:

Select the date from the calendar available and the time from the drop-down menu.

If you want, you can write a small short message to the recipients. It can attract the recipient more. Once you complete your meeting request email can look like the below screenshot.

Have a look at the above screenshot; all five have been filled. You can send your meeting request like this, but smart people do something more to make it special. What else do they do? See the below photos:

Number 01: Meeting Recurrence

If your meeting is a recurrence, you can add it to this meeting schedule. See the below image. I divided it into four-part for your understanding. Appointment time, Recurrence pattern can be daily/weekly/monthly/yearly, Recur every means interval and finally, a range of recurrence.


Number 02: Add Time Zone

If your meeting is online and attendees are from different countries, You have to add a time zone. Outlook will automatically convert your time to recipients’ local time.

Number 03: Meeting Importance

You can mark your meeting’s importance as private, high, or low. Recipients will understand the importance of your meeting.

Number 04: Meeting Reminder

You can set a meeting reminder for the recipients. An alarm will remind him before the meeting starts.

Number 05: Response Options

You can set response options for the recipients. There are two options. You can request your recipient to respond or allow them to give a new time proposal.

Once you have completed all the above, you can send your meeting request to your recipient by clicking Send button.

How does an Outlook meeting work?

After you send the meeting request to your recipients via email, they all receive the request in their inbox folder. When recipients open the meeting request, they will get three options to take action. He can accept, tentatively accept or decline your meeting request. If the meeting time conflict with an item on the invitees’ calendar, Outlook will display a notification.

Whenever invitees’ do, you will also get a notification.

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Why is an Outlook meeting important?

In our professional life, the meeting is a common thing we must regularly perform. Why is an Outlook meeting important? What is the impact of Outlook meetings on our professional life?

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