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How to send a folder through email on Outlook?

How to send a folder through email on Outlook?

In your professional daily life, you may need to attach a folder to your email message instead of attaching every single file. Attaching every single file one by one can make a mess both for you and your recipient. Maybe your recipient can miss any of your files, or you may miss attaching any file to your email message. Sending a whole folder through email is the better solution to avoid this mess.

You need winrar or any other software to compress all your file together.

If you do not have WinRAR on your computer. Please download and install WinRAR first from here. You can use any other zip application, also. Completely your choice.

If you send multiple files in a single email message your recipient need to download all attachment. To learn how to download all attachments in Outlook please read this article.

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Send a folder through email on Microsoft Outlook.

To send a folder through email on Microsoft Outlook is not a big deal. It is as simple as a mouse click. Just follow the steps below.

How to send a folder through email on

If you are a user of, the Process is the same as above. Only the process of attaching your file may be a little different.

Here my location is a Desktop. Select your file to attach to the email.

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Benefits of attaching a folder

Tips on when should you attach more than one file to an email

You should give them a serial number when you attach more than one file to an email. It will help the recipient to understand what is the chronological order. Which file should be read first? You can do one more thing. You can give clear instructions about the attachment at the bottom of the mail body. If possible, write the file names of the attachment. It will help the recipient understand the attachment’s necessity and uses.

Look how you can give the serial number to your attachment.

Though it is an easy technique, it may be unknown to someone. If this content can help someone, it will be a great pleasure for me. To learn about Microsoft Outlook, you may bookmark our website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Follow these instructions to attach multiple files:

    • Rename all files as per content.
    • Give a serial number of all files.
    • Sort as you want your recipient to read.
    • Write the name of all files at bottom of your email as a note.

    When you are sending many numbers of file together you should zip and attach a single file.

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