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How to set reminder in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is not only an email client. It offers a lot of features to its users. If you are new to Outlook, you may not know how to set reminders in Outlook. It is an exciting feature that productivity in your professional life. This content will let you know all about the reminder feature in Outlook. Let’s get started.

What is a reminder in Outlook?

Outlook reminder is a pop-up over your email to let you know that a scheduled event is about to start. A reminder can be set for email messages, tasks, appointments, or scheduled meetings.

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Where to find the reminder options

Many people do not find where is the reminder options in Outlook. It is very easy to find it. Just go to the File menu> Options> Advanced. You will find like below window.

outlook reminder

From here, you can select only two basic options. Show reminder and play reminder sounds. You can change the default reminder sound by another WAV file.

How to set reminders in Outlook?

You can set reminders in Outlook for calendars, email messages, and tasks. I will describe and give you clear instruction one by one.

Reminder for Calendar

  • Go to the File menu> Options> Calendar; you will find all the default reminder options of the calendar here. See the screenshot below for your better understanding. You can define the default reminder time for your calendar. It will only work for new appointments and meetings.

calendar outlook

  • Click on Calendar in the Navigation panel; the calendar schedule of Outlook will open in front of you.

Reminder for Email messages

  • Go to the Navigation bar and click Mail. You can find this bottom left corner.

Navigation Bar

  • Select the email that you want to set a reminder to. Go to the Home menu, click Follow Up and select Add Reminder.

follow up reminder

  • A custom dialogue box will open. You can check and uncheck the reminder option. You may choose more options there like Start date, due date, etc. Click OK once you have completed it.

reminder for email

Reminder for Tasks

  • Go to the Navigation bar and click Tasks. You can find this bottom left corner.

Navigation bar and click Tasks

  • To view all your tasks, go to the Home menu and click To-Do List.

To-Do List

  • You will find your tasks in the list. Select the task, click the Follow-up group, choose a time frame, and set your reminder.
  • You can remove task reminders from your task list from the Manage Task group.

Manage Task group

  • Manage Task group, and Follow-up group are indicated in the screenshot.

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Reminder for Meeting

This instruction can be divided into two parts. One is for all new meetings, and another is for an existing meeting.

Reminder for a new meeting

  • Go to File> Options> Calander.
  • Under calendar options, select or clear Default reminders.
  • Set the default time at which you want to receive reminders.

Reminder for an existing meeting

  • Go to the Navigation bar and click the calendar. Open the New meeting then Meeting Tab and set your reminder how long before you want.

meeting tab

Why is a reminder important?

There is no doubt that you are very busy in your daily professional life. It is very simple to forget any specific task, email reply, or meeting time. If you set reminders for all these activities, you will forget, but Outlook will remind it. It will help you never to miss any schedule.

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