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How to mail merge from excel to Outlook?

mail merge from excel to Outlook

Email is the most popular and preferred way of communication. whether an individual or a company whatever you are, you may need to send the same email to different many people. Mail merge is the quickest solution for this. You will be surprised to know that mail merge from excel to Outlook is at your fingertips. You can perform this task with a single click. In this article, I will guide you step by step on how to mail merge from Excel to Outlook.

What do you mean by mail merge?

A mail merge is an automatic process of adding names and addresses to letters and envelopes to facilitate sending email messages, especially advertising, to many addresses. In the case of sending emails to a large number of recipients, mail marge can be a powerful tool that saves time a lot.

For instance, if you are a digital marketer and want to perform a digital product promotion, mail merge can be a fantastic solution for your business. Use mail merge to send bulk email messages. It will save you time a lot and who does not know time is money nowadays.

Mail merge from excel to Outlook in easy three steps

To complete a mail merge, we need to follow steps like creating a document, an email database, linking your document, and sending an email.  The total work procedure is mainly three parts.

I have divided the total procedure into five steps for your better understanding. Please go through the instructions below.

Step One: Email Body Preparation




Step two: Prepare Mail Marge data in Microsoft Excel

Please open Microsoft Excel and open a blank workbook. Follow the below instructions as per your requirement.



Step three: Link the mailing list to the emails

I hope you already understand what is going on. You have created the email body in a Microsoft word file and consolidated your personalization data in Microsoft Excel worksheet. What now?

It’s time to link your email body and the Excel file to complete the mail merge. Keep following the instruction below.




If you have only one sheet it will be highlighted automatically.

It is time to link the variables with the Excel column.


Step Four: Preview and finish your mail merge

You will check the preview and complete your mail merge process during this step.

Now check your email body. You will see the differences. “Last name” and “Last Date” variable data are changed with the first row of data in the excel file. You can check all 5 data by clicking the Next button. For detail, please see the screenshot below. Check all your data one by one.

Step Five: Check mail merge from Outlook

Open Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer. Go to Send / Receive tab and click Send All.

Now go to Sent Items. You will find all your emails there. Mail merge from excel to Outlook is all done here.

Mail merge using Outlook Contacts

Instead of an Excel sheet, you can mail merge from Outlook contacts. You do not need an excel database in this procedure. Follow the instruction below if you are interested to learn.

Who needs the mail merge feature to use

Mail merge is a fantastic feature of the Microsoft Office package for those people, especially those who are doing email promotions. Other people who can use the mail merge feature of Microsoft are

Advantages of mail merge from excel to Outlook

The advantages of Mail Merge are already understood. Still, I want to point out those for your better understanding.

I hope everyone who reads this tutorial can understand, as I have explained mail merge from excel to Outlook with screenshots. Anyone who used to work with Microsoft Office package can understand. If you want to learn Microsoft Outlook, please keep an eye on our website Thank you.

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