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Outlook signature doesn’t appear in reply

Outlook signature doesn't appear in reply

This is one of the most common questions regarding signatures in Microsoft Outlook. The outlook signature doesn’t appear in reply email. Today in this article I will tell you why your signature does not appear while replying to any email. Please read the article very carefully from the beginning to the end.

A signature in any email is used to write at the bottom of the email where the email sender gives his identity including mobile number or other communication methods. It is a general norm to write your name, designation, or other identities at the bottom of an email. If you have already created a signature in Outlook your signature will be added at the bottom of the email message. But while you are replying to an email it will not be added automatically.

How do I get my signature on replies in outlook?

As you are looking for a solution, it seems that you already know how to add a signature in Outlook. I will talk about that at this moment. It will increase the length of the content without any reason. I will discuss the point only.

If you have the issue- the outlook signature doesn't appear in the reply all then also you can follow the technique below
  • Go to the File menu, and select Options.
  • Select Mail from the left.
  • Select Signature as shown in the screenshot below.

Outlook signature doesn't appear_01

  • Go to the E-mail Signature tab.
  • Click on the Replies/forwards drop-down menu and select the Signature you want to appear in the reply email.
  • Click OK to complete the task.

appear the signature in reply email

Is it necessary to appear signature in a reply email

Of course, you should add a signature in your reply email but what you can do you can shorten your signature as your recipient already know your identity. Take a look at the below screenshot of two signatures.

Outlook signature sample

If we observe the above two signatures, the first one is a long and full signature for new emails and the second one is shortened for the reply emails.

I hope, the content is helpful to you. If you really like our post feel free to post a question below. I will reply to your question as soon as possible. Thanks a lot.


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