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Outlook To Do list

Microsoft Outlook is an email client generally used for sending and receiving emails and managing contacts. But the maximum user does not know that Outlook calendar can be used as a To-Do list, which boosts the productivity of an employee or any user. This content will help you to learn all about the Outlook To-Do list. If you are interested in the Outlook To-Do list, please keep reading this content.

You have to understand Outlook tasks and To-Do lists. So, let us learn these two items first to utilize this feature.

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What is Outlook Task?

Outlook task is a feature of Outlook that allows you to create what you want to follow up until the completion of the work. To-Do is under the task menu; you can use to do in Outlook to create, edit and manage tasks.

What is the Outlook To-Do list?

Many people list things to do on sticky paper, notebooks, diaries, etc. They often forget to remind that work later. Sometimes they even lost sticky papers. Yes, there is some digital solution like windows applications. But why should you use another application where you can easily maintain a To-Do list in Outlook? Outlook includes creating tasks and to-do lists. It allows you to smoothly plan and track your work’s progress throughout the day.

The Outlook To Do list is easy to use and synchronized with the Outlook calendar. Whether you open Outlook or not, it will work behind the screen and alert you when required. Ensure you understand that the main feature is Task, and To-Do is under the task folder.

How do I find the To-Do list in Outlook?

Many people fail to find a To-Do list in Outlook. I will show you where to find the To-Do list in Outlook 2021.  Check the Outlook ribbon under the Home menu you will find New Items. Under the New Items, you can find Task. There is also a keyboard shortcut for a New task; you can easily find New Task by Ctrl+Shift+K. You can create a new task on your To-Do list.

While creating a new task, you will find several menus in your Outlook ribbon like Save& Close, Delete, Details, Assign tasks, Send status report, etc. I am giving you the detailed meaning of each item here for your better understanding. See the image first.

Finding a To-Do list in Outlook is very easy. Just the left bottom corner of Outlook. You will find it. Check the image below to know it. It is red marked.

You may see the image below if you click the above task icon I have shown you.

In addition to previous menus, you may find the following menus. I am writing some short descriptions of those here.

When you click Task, a new window will be opened just right to your reading pane. See the below image.

Is Outlook good for task management?

Now come to the point. How do you use Outlook as a daily planner? You must learn to benefit from the To-Do list and task management system. Many people use Outlook, but they use it only for sending and receiving emails. But when you know Task and To-Do features, it can be a daily work planner for you. Please ask me how.
Make your day starts with Outlook. Follow the below steps every morning.

If you work this way, it will be helpful to you to make your daily work smoother. Outlook features like a To-Do list can be a great daily planner for you.

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