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Why spell checker not working in outlook?

spell checker not working in outlook

Microsoft Outlook has a fantastic feature to check spelling and grammatical errors and auto-fix them. You may experience issues with this feature. There are some exciting features available in this spell-check option that we do not know as well. Today, in this article, I will discuss the possible reasons behind the spell checker not working in outlook and their solutions.

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What is the function of a spell checker in Outlook?

It is well known to us what is the functions of a spell checker in Microsoft Outlook. It checks spelling and grammatical errors and rectifies them before sending them to the recipients. Microsoft Outlook has different language dictionaries built-in. If you can configure Outlook properly, it will sometimes correct miss-spelt words and grammatical errors.

Why spell checker not working in outlook?

You may face this spell checker not working issues and look for the reason behind it. There may have three basic reasons for which reason it can happen.

  • Spell check option is not activated
  • Language is not set.
  • Outlook is not installed properly.

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 How to resolve this issue?

Most of the time, the problem is that your spell checker option is not activated. You have to check the activation status first. If you do not know where to check this one, I will help you. To activate this feature please follow the steps below:

  • Open New Email, and go to the File tab from the ribbon.
  • Select Options from the menu.
  • Select Mail from the left side tabs.
  • Click on the check box named Always check spelling before sending.

spell check not working_01

  • Click OK to complete the task.

Actually, this is the basic reason behind the spell checker not working in outlook. But if you want to go for more options in spelling and autocorrect please click the next button named Spelling and Autocorrect. From the Proofing tab, you may add more features while checking your writing.

You can choose as per your requirement from here.

Set your Language

Without setting your language correctly you cannot expect your outlook to check spelling and grammar correctly. To set your language follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the Review Tab.
  • From the Language group, select Language.

spell check not working_03

  • Select your language from the list and click OK to complete the task.

spell check not working_04

Use Keyboard Shortcut

If you want to check spell check manually, it is a good idea to check it by pressing F7 on the keyboard. After pressing F7 Outlook will start spell check and finish.

Use the third-party application

If you are a professional article writer, you can use any third-party application like Grammarly. When you install Grammarly it will be added to Outlook like Add-in. You will get better performances by checking not only spelling and grammar, but it will also changing the structure of your sentences.

Check for Updates

Maybe your Outlook is not updated properly. Go to the File tab> Office Account and click on Update options and check for the updates. If it is not updated, please update your applications properly.

Today, in this article, I tried to guide you guys to fix the error if your spell checker not working in outlook. I hope, I have described all possible reasons and this content is helpful to you. Thank You.


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