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Where did my draft email go in Outlook

Where did my draft email go in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is used by more than 400 million users in the world. It is said that Outlook is the most preferred and popular email client of all. Most people use Outlook without any training. People generally search the internet to learn if they faced any problems. If you are one of them and looking for where did my draft email go in Outlook it has already been finished. In this article, I will guide you on where did your draft email go in Outlook.

What is a draft email

A draft email is a partially completed email saved in the draft folder in Outlook. When you are writing a long email but do not have enough time you can save it as a draft email and complete it later and send it to your recipient. It is not mandatory that you have to complete the full email in a single shot. You have the flexibility to complete it later if you have another urgent task.

Like other email clients and webmail services, Microsoft Outlook also offers the draft email service. This fantastic feature allows its users to create draft email and send to the recipients anytime later.

How to create a draft email in Outlook

You can create a draft email like other email messages. Still, if you have confusion please go through the instructions below to create a draft email message.

  • Go to the Home tab, and click on New Email.

start new email

  • Start typing your email, No need to complete it as you do not have enough time at this moment.
  • To identify this email easily you can type your subject line.
  • Save your email from Quick Access Toolbar. Or you can save from File> Save.

save draft email

  • Your email has been saved as a draft email.

Where did my draft email go in Outlook?

Generally, when you save your draft email it goes to the Drafts folder of your Outlook. Don’t you know where is the location of the draft folder? Follow the instructions below to find out your draft folder.

  • Go to the Folder pane of your Outlook.
  • The draft folder is located just under the Inbox folder.

location of draft folder

If the draft email is not found in the Draft folder

Generally, it should not happen. When you save an email it automatically goes to the draft folder unless you delete that from there. If you deleted your draft email then please check again in the Deleted Items folder. Obviously, it is there.

If you deleted the email from the Deleted folder as well actually there is no place to find it in your Outlook. You can take help from any third-party software to recover it.

Why are my outlook emails going into drafts?

Fortunately, Outlook saves any email that you are attempting to write after every three minutes. If you take a long time to finish your email and due to power failure your computer shutdown you don’t need to be worried. When you open Outlook again after restarting your computer, you will find your email in the drafts folder almost everything is ok.

So, the answer is, by default, Outlook starts saving your email and storing it in the Drafts folder without your concern for your safety issue.

Why has my draft email disappeared in outlook

It does not disappear, Outlook starts saving email in the drafts folder, and when you finish writing and send the email to the recipient, Outlook transfer your email from the drafts folder to the Sent Items folder.

So, after sending the email if you are looking for your email in the drafts folder, you will never find that there. It is already shifted to the Sent Items folder.

How to print a draft email in outlook

Like other email messages, you can also print draft emails in Outlook. There is no special way to print draft emails

  • Go to the File tab, and select Print.
  • Select your printer and press the Print button to print your email.

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How to get draft email back in outlook

If you accidentally deleted your draft email from the drafts folder. No worries. Fortunately, Outlook stores it in the Deleted folder. You will find it in the Deleted Items folder in the folder pane.

Benefits of Drafts folder in Outlook

What is your view now? Is the drafts folder important or not? I found two basic reasons to have a drafts folder in Microsoft Outlook.

  • If you write a long email partially and want to compete later, the drafts folder is urgent.
  • If you start writing and due to power failure your computer shut down, the draft folder will save you time to rewrite the email.

If you could find more benefits of a drafts folder in Outlook you are requested to write a comment after this post.

How to attach a draft email to another email in Outlook

It is an interesting feature of Microsoft Outlook. You can attach your draft email to another email in Outlook. If you are wondering how to do that just follow the below instruction.

  • Cascade your Outlook into two windows.
  • Keep the main Outlook window in one part and a new email message in another window.
  • Drag the draft email from the main window to the new email message and drop it there.
  • The draft email will be attached to that email automatically.
  • Click the Send button to send the email to the new recipient.

Forward draft email in outlook

Forwarding a draft email is also as easy as taking a breath. Just retype the new email address to whom you want to forward the draft email. Click Send button to send the email. But I prefer to attach a draft email instead of forwarding a draft email.

Dear reader, I tried to give all the questions about draft emails in Outlook. If I have missed anything you can ask me in the comment box. I check the comment boxes frequently. If I find any questions I will try my best to answer your question. Thanks a lot for being with our blog.


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