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Why is outlook not connecting to server?

Why is outlook not connecting to server?

Those who have been using Microsoft Outlook for a long time can face the problem of outlook not connecting to server. But did you think twice about why Outlook is not connecting to the server? Many people who are facing the problem could not send or receive email from their email server. If you are also facing the same problem this content is for you. I have gathered some troubleshooting instructions that could help you to resolve your server connection error.

Why is outlook not connecting to server?

If everything is ok, Microsoft Outlook connects to the email server without any questions. If your Outlook does not connect to its server that means there is something wrong. Followings can be the reason behind Outlook not connecting to the server.

  • Internet connectivity is too poor to connect.
  • Your device is not connected to the internet.
  • Your server is down for some reason.
  • Outlook is working offline mode.
  • The email password is changed.
  • The Outlook configuration is not okay.
  • The outlook data file is corrupted.

If you are encountering the same problem read the details as described below to take necessary actions.

Internet Connectivity Issues

If Internet connectivity is poor or there is no internet connection at all definitely your Outlook will not able to connect to the server. To resolve this issue check your router first. If there is no internet contact your internet service provider for quick support. You can restart your router, sometimes it really works. There is nothing to do with Microsoft Outlook.

If the Internet is ok but your device is not connected to the internet check your device’s wifi password if connected through wifi. If connected through a LAN cable check whether the cable is ok or not.

If your internet connectivity problem is resolved but you are encountering the same problem it is time to go for further action. let’s begin.

Restart Microsoft Outlook & Windows

Sometimes, Outlook applications encounter some problems internally. We also do not close the outlook in the right way. So, it is better to restart your computer and Microsoft Outlook both in a good manner to start a fresh Outlook.

Sometimes, it works. After restarting windows and Outlook MS outlook have a chance to connect to the server.

Mail Server Maybe Down

Your mail server may be down for some reason. Typically it never happens but still, there is a chance that your email server maybe down for some reason. In that case, you do not have anything to do. Call your hosting provider to resolve their issue as soon as possible. Unless they resolve the issue your Outlook will not able to connect to the server.

Outlook is working offline

Your Outlook may be working offline mode. In offline mode, Outlook cannot connect to the server. Do you know how to check whether your Outlook is working online or offline? Go to the Send/Receive tab of the Outlook ribbon. If your Outlook Work Offline button is pressed click it to make your Outlook online.

Outlook not connecting to the server_02

During Offline mode Outlook is not able to send or receive any email messages as it cannot connect to the server.

Check Outlook credential

If your email password is changed you have to change your Outlook credentials as well. Otherwise, Outlook will fail to connect to the server. If your email password is changed please update your Outlook credential asap. After changing the credential it is expected that your Outlook will be able to connect to the server.

Outlook Configuration issue

It is expected that if your Outlook configuration is wrong it is not possible to connect to the server. You can ask your IT department to give you the right configuration, you can match it yourself.

The basic thing of Outlook configuration is the incoming mail server and outgoing mail server and port numbers. SSL certificate is also important. Check this thing by yourself. If anything wrong is found please rectify by yourself. It is expected that your Outlook will be able to connect to the mail server.

Connection to a proxy server

If you are using a proxy server you have more to check, if you are a beginner-level user please ask your network administrator to resolve it. If you are an advanced-level user, no worries ask your network administrator to provide you with information and you can check by yourself.

Outlook data file corrupted

It may happen that your outlook data file is already corrupted due to some unknown reason. If it is the reason, you have a backup of your PST file, you can reload that one and remove the corrupted one.

Sometimes only repair can resolve the issue so, try to repair your Outlook data file. If not working after repair thinks to restore from your backup file.

repair outlook data file

Don’t know how to take backup? This content may help you to back up your email.

Turn off all Extensions

Sometimes, an extension can cause Outlook not to connect with the server. What you can do is turn off all extensions and resume those again. If it is because of the Outlook extension it will be resolved. To disable extensions:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Go to File> Options> Add-ins from the left bar.
  • Click on the Go button, uncheck all the extensions, and hit on the OK button.

Restart your Outlook to check whether the problem is resolved.

Update Outlook and Windows

Any application which is not updated can cause troubleshooting problems. Check windows and Outlook, for any new updates available or not. If available, I request you update me as soon as possible. Hopefully, after the update, your Outlook will be able to connect to the server.

Reinstall Microsoft Office Suite

If still, your problem is not solved you can remove your Office suite and install it again. If you remove Office suite make sure your PST file is backed up, otherwise you will not be able to access your old important emails. Better to reinstall the Office suite. In case of reinstallation, Old email will be available.

Dear visitor, hope above troubleshooting will help you to resolve your issues. If not resolved please let me know through comment box. I will try to reply to your cooment as soon as possible. Thank you.


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