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How to write an email in Outlook 2021

How to write an email in Outlook 2021

Hello, reader! If you are looking for how to write an email in Outlook, then you are definitely in the right place to learn. I am considering that you have already installed Microsoft outlook. If not, you are requested to visit this page to learn all about Microsoft Outlook installation. Anyway, let’s come to the topic.

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If you already installed and configured your Outlook correctly, you have a window as below:

To know how to configure your outlook, please click this link.

Follow the below guideline to write an email on Outlook.

1. Check the top left corner and find New Email and click to start a new message. Then you will find a window like the below image.

New Emails

2. Enter your email address in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields. Check below image

3. In Subject, type the subject of your email message.

to cc subject

4. Move your cursor to the body of your email message and write your email body there.

5. After completing your writing, click the Send button in the top left corner, like in the below image.

send email

Know more about Outlook from the below link.

What is Microsoft Outlook? Know the brief history of Outlook and basic features of outlook.

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