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What does bcc mean in email?

What does bcc mean in email?

Those using email for communication are very familiar with Cc and Bcc, right? Cc is Carbon Copy, but what does Bcc mean in email? During sending emails in Outlook, you can see Cc, but where is Bcc? Yes, today I will let you all about Cc and Bcc. Dear readers, please keep continuing reading this content.

You already know that Cc stands for carbon copy and Bcc stands for Blind Carbon Copy.  When you start writing a new email in Outlook, you may find a new window, as in the below image, where the To and Cc fields are for your recipient email address.

what is bcc

In the To field, you must type the email address to whom you send your email messages. And the Cc field, you must type those email addresses to whom you want to receive a copy of your email messae. And what about the Bcc field? Who are they who will be in the Bcc field? Yes, you are right; those in the Bcc field will receive a copy of your email, but nobody will know who is in the bcc field. No one will know any of the email addresses in Bcc.

But when you start writing a new email, where to type Bcc email addresses in Outlook? Check the above image once again, guys. Where is the Bcc field? There is only To and Cc field shown in the red mark. Okay! I will let you know, don’t worry, my dear friend. To find Bcc, just click on the To field first. You will find a new dialogue box like the below image.

cc and bcc together

Here you go; now you have To, Cc, and Bcc together. You can search and select contacts from your address book here. So, if we want to make a clear comparison of To, Cc, and Bcc, then we can say,

To: Who is the main person you want to write your email to? Type his email address here in the To field. He is the main target audience of your email. Never type more than one email address in the To field; it makes your email less important. None can reply; both will push each other to take responsibility.

Cc: You can keep many people in the cc field. Because you want them to know about the matter. That is why you can keep them all. But remember, don’t keep anyone who is not concerned about the matter. Only keep concerned people in Cc.

When you receive an email in cc, you can see who else received the same email from the sender.

Bcc: Bcc stands for Blind Carbon Copy. Keep them whose email addresses you don’t want to disclose to others. For example, if you send any promotional email to 100 people, you should use all their email addresses in the Bcc field. Because their email addresses are confidential, they should not know each other email addresses.

When you receive an email in Bcc, you can not see who else received the same email from the sender.

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When should you use To?

I already discussed this earlier, but I am writing again to give more priority as many of us make mistakes. You should use only the main recipient email address in the To field. Who is the most concerned person in your mail? Whose action is needed after reading your email? He should be in the To field. That is why there must be only one email address in To filed.

Sometimes, we make mistakes; we keep more than one person in the To field. In that case, there is a chance of avoiding responsibilities between them.

When should you use Cc?

Generally, we should keep all concerned persons who need not take action but to be informed, like bosses, related departments, and others in an office. Some people feel shy to keep copying bosses but remember it is necessary depending on the importance of your emails.

You should not keep your bosses in cc while sending a less important email.

When should you use Bcc?

Al last but not least. Where should you use Bcc, right? Generally, bcc is used for common emails to others, but you don’t want to disclose about each other. For instance, If you want prices from a few suppliers, you should keep all of them in the bcc field so that any of them can understand and get the email addresses of others.

Cc and BCC is a common feature of email

Dont think that it is an uncommon feature available in Microsoft Outlook. It is a general feature of any email; even webmail has this feature too. The important thing is to use the feature accurately. I have started writing content about What does bcc mean in email but described all about cc and bcc together. Hope it will help you to understand Cc and Bcc. Thank You.

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