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Difference between appointment and meeting in outlook

Difference between appointment and meeting in outlook

People who are using Microsoft Outlook must hear about appointments and meetings but often get confused and surely many of them even do not understand what is an appointment and what is a meeting. What is the difference between an appointment and meeting in Outlook? If you are also searching for the same then I might say your search came to an end. In this article, I will tell you about both appointments and meetings.

Appointment in Outlook

What is an appointment in Outlook?

An appointment is a scheduled activity in your Outlook calendar that does not involve other people. You do not need to invite other people to attend with you. It is only reflected on your calendar. It shows your daily activities and your tasks. One can find your free and busy times when he sees your appointment list in your calendar if it is shared with them.

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What is the purpose of the appointment?

  • Go to the Navigation panel and select Calendar.
  • From the ribbon, click on New Meeting.
  • Add people in the To field, add a subject line, start time, end time, and location.
  • Click Send button to send an invitation for the meeting.

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You can schedule a meeting with other people, maybe your senior can ask you to schedule a meeting with someone else. In that case what will happen as you are calling that meeting your address will be on the list but you do not need to attend that meeting. It is very simple.

Difference between appointment and meeting in Outlook

Many people using Outlook for a long time but do not understand the terms appointment and meeting. If you already read the above article hopefully you understood what is an appointment and what is a meeting in Microsoft Outlook.
An appointment involves only you, it is reflected on your outlook calendar only. On the other hand, a meeting is an activity that involves other people who are invited through the meeting feature.
An appointment can be your day-long activity but a meeting is a group activity with a certain agenda in a specific location at a certain time.
An appointment shows your daily free time, busy time, or out-of-office status to your colleague but a meeting is organized with a group of people with a certain aim.
I hope, the article on the difference between appointment and meeting in Outlook is helpful to you. Please feel free to post a comment in the comment box if you need any help from us in this regard. Thank you very much.

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